Jesse & Katy

Let me first just say that I. Love. State. Fairs! So my roommate Jesse and his lovely fiancé, Katy (who I happen to work with on a daily basis and kept me sane last year while dealing with many, many, many a rambunctious kid), wanted to do their engagement shoot at the state fair. Sounded like a good idea and a fun time so we set out to find a day we could all go. Unfortunately, the only day we all had free was the second to last day the fair was in town. It was a Saturday. Let’s just say it was a challenge to work around a few hundred thousand people. But it was fun and we ended up with some good stuff.

Here’s a few. Enjoy!











I wanted to include the one of them sharing the ice-cream cone but I thought Katy’s tongue would be mad at me.





Mr. & Mrs. Miller

I’ve known this bride and her family for most of my life. I had the extreme joy to grow up with this family deeply investing in me and teaching me from their great example of godly living. Ashley’s a few years younger than me and has three beautiful, younger sisters as well, so hopefully this will be the first of many more weddings I get to experience in the Griffin family history. When I was asked to photograph Ashley’s wedding I was a little curious to see how the day would go because in the past, Ashley (despite being quite a looker), was always a little camera shy. But on her wedding day she was a natural. Trey didn’t do so badly either.

I met Trey the day of the wedding when he pulled up on his green street bike, and oddly enough, our first conversation was in the bathroom. Oh, the weird experiences of a wedding photographer… No but seriously, even though I didn’t know Trey very well, it was easy to tell from early on that this was the guy Ashley was supposed to end up with. It was fun to hang out with these two as they got to celebrate God’s blessings in their lives.

Here’s a few. Enjoy!
































out of the whirlwind

So recently I got to escape the whirlwind of life to be with the Whirlwind of Life in the mountains of North Carolina. I love hanging out with God in His creation because He seems to speak to me through His handiwork. Maybe it’s because that’s one of the ways He’s chosen to do it or maybe it’s because I listen better out in the middle of His wilderness where it’s impossible to ignore His wonder and majesty.

A while back I was struggling with some things so I opened my Bible to read. I had just finished reading Micah so I opened to Nahum (that being the next book) and I was a little disappointed because it wasn’t what I was looking for. It’s funny isn’t it, when we get frustrated when God gives us what we need and not what we’re looking for? Anyway, so I’m reading about God’s mighty wrath and His holy anger towards Nineveh and I was struck by this in Nahum 1:3, “His way is in the whirlwind and the storm.” There I was looking for a spiritual hug, something to comfort me and God smacks me upside the head with the reality of who He is and the way He works. In the Bible I was reading at the time, there’s a break after verse 6. So I took a break too and prayed. “God, this isn’t what I need right now (or so I thought), please give me something to comfort me…blah blah blah. Amen”

Then I come to verse 7, “The Lord is good, a stronghold in the day of trouble, And He knows those who take refuge in Him.”

That’s it. One verse of comfort and it’s right back to God destroying His enemies and fulfilling the holiness of his wrath. It’s like God gave me what I wanted to that I could focus on what He was actually trying to show me. Ever since then I’ve been noticing different places the Bible mentions whirlwinds and how they relate to God. I don’t have the time or space to go into all of them right now since this is just a photo blog and not a theological Bible exposition blog. But I will mention one more.

One of my favorite series of passages is in Job when God answers Job and puts him in his place. I think I like it so much because God seems to be using sarcasm and the questions He asks of Job are so ridiculous. For example: “Have you ever in your life commanded the morning or assigned the dawn its place, so it may seize the edges of the earth and shake the wicked out of it.” (Job 38:12-13) Ummm…No, God, I don’t believed I have.

In Job 38:1 and Job 40:6 it says, “Then the Lord answered Job from the whirlwind.”

Man! How good is that!?

I’m not sure I’ve communicated my thoughts properly here; I don’t have the same gift in that area my sister does. The point is that God answered Job out of the whirlwind and He answered me as well.

So I left the whirlwind that is my life hoping to find rest, and in the peace of of God’s creation I found what I was looking for…God, the Whirlwind that is my life.

(click to enlarge)

© Copyright Rob Dent

Feel free to use this one. Even though copyright belongs to me, all glory belongs to God.

After all, Have I ever in my life commanded the morning or assigned the dawn its place, so it may seize the edges of the earth and shake the wicked out of it?


babies, babies… and more babies

So a while back I got the opportunity to do some child photography. I love kids. They’re so refreshing in their fleeting innocence and obvious comfort in their own skin. There’s no hesitancy in their smiles or willingness to be in front of a camera. I did some mini shoots for some new moms and enjoyed every minute of it.

Here’s a few. Enjoy!!!












Mr & Mrs Cole

This was a fun one. My roommate, Jon, (whom you might remember from previous posts) and his beautiful bride, Arrie, finally said “I do” and the chapel was packed. This is in part because so many people love this couple and also because the ceremony was in the smallest chapel on SEBTS’s campus. LOVED shooting in this chapel. It was the perfect size for a photographer!

My favorite part of the reception was the flash mob (I included a few photos below). It was unexpected, well executed, and just plain fantastic. The best part of the whole day, however, was getting to hang out with these two people and their awesome families. These two families sure do know how to love. It was a blessing to be a part of it.

There were so many to choose from so I included a little more than usual but in keeping with tradition…

Here’s a few. Enjoy!


Someone’s excited!



Pretty runs in this family.


A little tired and they haven’t even gotten to the reception yet!


Bride and Groom’s first dance… “I don’t have a hat with a brim, and I look funny with a cane…” Thank you Andy Davis.

The beginning of the flash mob started a little slow…

But it picked up quickly…

The bride working the mob…

Then the boys joined in…

The end of the mob.


Mr. & Mrs. McDaniel

This is a couple that I’ve been a fan of for a long time. I met Jamie about three years ago at a week-long Camp in Indonesia (best people ever) and she was one of many who ranted and raved about the Summit Church that I just happened to join when I moved to NC. Mike, who works for Summit Church, attended the same West Club Campus in Durham that Jamie did and the fireworks soon started to fly.

Jamie’s one of those girls that just can’t help lighting up a room, partly because she’s absolutely stunning, but mostly because she lets Jesus shine through her with so much joy it’s contagious. And Mike, a man’s man and a solid rock, is slightly less stunning but his love for Jesus is no less contagious. Seeing this amazing couple get hitched was a lot of fun and being able to help them capture their special day was just icing on the cake.

Here’s just a few. Enjoy!!!






Jon & Arrie

So about a week ago I posted about my roomy proposing to his special lady friend. Well…this week we did their engagement shoot. Saturday afternoon we headed out to Youngsville, a cute little North Carolina town, and God blessed us with PERFECT weather. Thanks to Dr. Mckenzie, who teaches at SEBTS, and family for letting us invade their property before we headed “downtown”!!! Seriously, that place was awesome.

I, unfortunately, forgot some of my lighting stuff at first (I usually keep it in my car but took it out for some reason) but was able to go get it since we were only ten minutes away from my house and IT WAS SO WORTH IT!!! I fall in love with remote flash every time I use it.

Jon & Arrie made my job easy and time flew by so quickly because I was having so much fun. But the best part of the evening was hanging out with them at Sweet Spoons. I mean, there’s nothing better than photos, friends, and ice-cream!!!

Here’s a few. Enjoy!

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