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Jon & Arrie – popping the question

Two weekends ago my roomy Jon Cole asked me to hide in the forest and shoot his girlfriend. I cannot tell you how excited I was to do this. My answer: “Absolutely I will.” This fulfilled an old dream of mine because, you see, as well as wanting to be a detective and fireman, I also wanted to be a sniper. Don’t worry, she’s OK…I was using a camera.

Jon had been dating Arrie, his beautiful girlfriend, for about six months but he had been anxious to pop the question for about five. Just kidding. Maybe four. So he planned this great little surprise for her and told her they were just going to a local park to study and hang out. She was totally surprised…had no idea at all. It was pretty cool to watch her excitement and his nervousness as he pulled out the ring. One thing I enjoy about this gig is that people let me capture some of their most intimate, life-changing moments.

It was fun to be a fly on the wall for this one, she even looked straight at me hiding in the trees at one point but apparently my ninja skills are up to par and she didn’t see me. Even Jon, who knew where I was, couldn’t see me. Excited to shoot their wedding later this year!!!

Here’s a few. Enjoy!

I love spring time in NC!

Surprise #1

Surprise #2

He was going to get up on one knee but she couldn’t control herself.

I think this one’s my favorite.


3 years late.

On the way to Mississippi for Christmas, my sis and I stopped at our Uncle’s house to visit and when we got there, our cousin had realized her wedding cake was still in the freezer! So instead of eating it for their first year anniversary, my cousin and her hubby took some samples from the 3 year old dried out cake.

I wasn’t able to make my cousins wedding since I was Indonesia at the time but she was talked into putting on her wedding dress for some 3 year anniversary bridals. Here’s a few. Enjoy!





And…just for fun I’ll include this one.


ring ting tingling too

I’ve been in North Carolina for over a year now and even though I love Mississippi (where my family’s from) and many many people there, North Carolina became my home far more quickly than Mississippi did when I lived there. Some things… like sweet tea, warm summer nights, guns, butter beans and pick-up trucks… are far better in Mississippi but winter is one of those things that North Carolina is a master at. If winter were music, Mississippi would be the band Bright Eyes and North Carolina would be Mindy Smith. Bright Eyes has a few redeeming moments but for the most part it’s grey, gloomy, and glum. Mindy Smith’s music on the other hand (there are many choices here but I use Mindy Smith because she’s got a great Christmas album that I’ve been listening to recently) is bright, clear, and well-crafted, full of good moments and beautiful lyrics. God definitely does a good job up here in the winter.

We had our first snow the other day so my sister called me because she loves getting her picture taken and loves snow. Her roomy Amanda also loves the camera so she joined us as well.  Here are two. It was too cold to stay out longer. But we’ll be doing it again because it was fun. Enjoy!

Those are ornaments, not big red and green snowballs.


Hello Moto[rcross]

I met my roomy about six months ago when he pulled up to move his stuff in. We had connected through Craig’s List and I lucked out again with a good roomy. He had two motorcycles in the back of his truck and one of them is the one below. I went out with him to the track because I was curious and wanted to shoot something different. It was fun. I’ll be doing it again. Here’s a few. Enjoy!


Mr. & Mrs. Justin White

Ok, so I just did my second wedding a few weeks ago. You’ll recognize the bride and groom from the engagements I did about a month ago. Let me just say that the fun we had doing engagements was no fluke. This was definitely one of the most fun weddings, and probably the most beautiful wedding I’ve ever been to. The setting was gorgeous and God gave the two love-birds a perfect day for the celebration. Here’s just a smidgen of a taste. Enjoy!

Holding back the tears…

Love it.

It was Halloween after all…

One more Halloween shot for the road…


Justin & Rachel

I live across from Rachel and met her through one of her roommates. When she asked me to shoot her wedding I was more than happy to do it and soon after we met to discuss it, an engagement shoot was scheduled. I met Justin on Friday for the first time and it was clear from the get go that these two are crazy in love. It was a blast to shoot these. Here’s a few. Enjoy.

This is a man in love.

I like this one. A lot. You can kind of see the moon in the back.


Patrick & Ebony

I did my first night shoot last night. It was so much fun!!! But, halfway through we had to leave the location and move to a new one. We missed out on some of the best ones I had planned but such is life I guess. This shoot was supposed to originally have taken place in February but for some unexpected reasons, my wonderful clients Patrick and Ebony had to postpone it but we finally rescheduled and it was a blast. Here’s a few. Enjoy.

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