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Prep Shoot

My friend Kelly Newton decided to have a shoot for SEBTS and go Ivy League. So…a bunch of her friends put on their argyle, sweaters, and hats; grabbed a croquet set and headed out for an evening of fun. I was there for moral support and ideas more than my good looks so after she was done I grabbed a few of the lingerers so I could play with my lighting equipment. Kelly missed out because she left but I owe her a fun shoot now. Here’s a few. Enjoy.


2 Years & Moores (haha..get it?)

Recently I had the privilege of photographing these two wonderful people for a two year anniversary present. It was supposed to be a surprise but I don’t think that lasted long. This was my first shoot in downtown Raleigh and I must say that there seems to be endless possibilities down there. We just barely scratched the surface. I know I’m going to enjoy discovering new picturesque places like I did with these two. Here’s a few. Enjoy.

This one goes out to my new Composer lens from Lensbaby.




Mr. & Mrs. Phillips

I recently photographed my first wedding. I cannot tell you how much fun it was to do this for two people I love. I lived with Jeremy for two years in Indonesia, and even though I love the guy; I’m glad I don’t have to ever live with him again thanks to Jamie. I met Jamie a long time ago in Solo, Indonesia and our families quickly became more than friends. I have a lot of history with these two wonderful friends and wouldn’t have missed this one for the world. Thanks guys for a great first wedding. Enjoy.

One of my favis. This is so Jamie.

One of my most favorite shots. Ever.

Jeremy made this cake. Are you serious? OOH! Not Bad!

Yet another crazy MK.

My sister caught it.

She couldn’t leave without saying goodbye.


My sister and her roomies…again.

I took some photos for my sister and her roomies last year so when they moved and added a new roommate to their crazy domicile some new photos were needed. Here are a few. Enjoy.


bunny or the egg?

I’m still not sure what bunnies and eggs have to do with each other or Jesus rising from the dead and defeating sin but I love Easter egg hunts!!! I’m 25 but I still want to colorful grab plastic eggs and rip them open to enjoy the scrumptious treat hiding inside. I practiced self-control this year though and took some photos instead. I belong to a great and wonderful non-assuming or judgmental church called the Summit and I go to the West Club Campus. My campus had an easter egg hunt with about 4000 eggs. That’s a lot of candy folks. Anyway, here are a few from the craziness. If you were there and see photo of your kid or saw me taking one but don’t see it here, just e-mail me at for a copy. There’s quite a few here but there’s more I didn’t upload. Enjoy.

They’re not going to like this when they’re older but it was just SO CUTE!!!

This is what I would’ve been doing.

When my sister saw these two she said “Look, it’s us!!!”

She only wanted the pink ones. Awesome.

West Club’s fearless leader stole somebody’s child.

This kid was a little bit excited.

I like this one.


Prayer Card Peeps

I’ve ben doing some mini shoots for some prayer cards. Here’s a few of the photos I liked best. They don’t necessarily work well for cards but they would for prints. Enjoy.

Great family, awesome kids.


Micah Thomas

Growing up I was surrounded by women a lot. Now, for those of you who know me this was obviously due to the fact that I have rugged good looks and natural charm oozing out of every single pore of my body… or the fact that I have a sister and for some reason, missionaries in Indonesia tend to have a lot of girls as children. But you rarely heard me complain. Anyway, three of these sisters became my sisters and recently two of them have had their first child. I got the chance to visit the eldest sister, Joanna, and her hubby, Benji, not too long ago and I brought my camera along to take some photos of the incredibly big-cheeked  baby. Marian, I’m coming to you soon too (hopefully). Enjoy.

Love Love Love this photo!!!

Told you he had big cheeks.

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